In Ardèche, Expercité lights up two Romanesque churches for the SDE 07


In Ardèche, Expercité lights up two Romanesque churches for the SDE 07

Ardèche departmental energy syndicate SDE 07 has entrusted Expercité with lighting enhancement work on Romanesque churches Saint-Pierre du Monteil and Saint-Martin du Crestet. 

To illuminate Saint-Pierre du Monteil Church, our specialists rolled out 200 linear metres of cable on the façade to supply a series of floodlights, and installed a control cabinet for remote lighting management. Lighting Saint-Martin du Crestet Church involved 150 linear metres of wiring and a control box enabling the lights to be switched off at 1 a.m. in compliance with the order of 27 December 2018 concerning light pollution.  

To enhance these two Romanesque churches, our teams supplied and fitted LED spotlights from lighting specialists acdc (Zumtobel Group). They used the Plaza model with 2700K warm white colour temperature, delivering up to 3,000 lumens. Three of these spotlights were arranged around Saint-Pierre du Monteil Church (built in the 12th century) and six others were installed round Saint-Martin du Crestet Church (rebuilt in the 17th century).  

These lighting enhancement works began in early May and were completed at the end of June 2021. The ER (Électrification rurale) and SDE 07 teams took charge of burying the networks on the outskirts of Saint-Pierre du Monteil Church, and a special access platform was used by our experts to allow the installation of the equipment in optimum conditions.  

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