Dorsalys harmonizes the APRR/AREA motorway network’s hypervision system.

In order to unify the supervision systems used by  APRR and its subsidiary AREA, our Dorsalys experts designed, produced and integrated a hypervisor connected to each of the network’s 154 toll stations. Our teams are committed to providing the hotline for the new hypervisor for a period of ten years, at the end of this project. 

Dorsalys harmonizes the APRR/AREA motorway network’s hypervision system.

"The hypervisor that we designed for APRR and AREA enables all the information linked to the access lanes (barriers, traffic lights, lighting, etc.) to be retrieved, and the faults observed in each of the toll plazas to be reported”, said Gaël Tissier, head of the automation and industrial IT design and engineering office. 

By the summer, each station will be connected to a PLC capable of controlling certain facilities (like barrier closing) or of reporting data (such as light signal faults). The automatons will be able to process a total of 200,000 variables divided into three levels of urgency, so as to better orchestrate maintenance operations. 

Harmonization work on the centralized technical management and remote station control systems will be completed in June 2022. The APRR Group was convinced by the potential of the hypervisor put into service by our experts, and is also considering integrating part of its network's Building Management System (BMS) into the new supervision system. This "application" part of the project is currently in the research and study phase. 

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