Expercité installs an urban supervision centre for Soissons’ municipal police


Expercité installs an urban supervision centre for Soissons’ municipal police

The city of Soissons has decided to equip its local police force with a brand-new urban supervision centre. The system comprises the latest generation of equipment. It has been installed in a newly and completely renovated building, to enable police officers to keep an eye on the population in the best possible conditions. 

“In the operations room, we installed a video wall with eight 65-inch screens so that officers could view live images from the CCTV cameras. The review room was equipped with a dedicated workstation for off-line image analysis and another 65-inch screen was set up in the meeting and crisis management room”, explained  business manager Léa Saint-Omer 

Our teams installed and wired the Soissons supervision centre from A to Z: screens, network core, switches, servers, etc. Their tasks also included fitting transmission devices, optical equipment and digital encoders, and commissioning eight new dome cameras. In addition, we provided user training and are to maintain the hardware and software installed.  

“All in all, we orchestrated the migration of the 52 existing cameras to the new system without any service interruption, and a second (backup) network core was installed in the town hall computer room”, continued Léa Saint-Omer. 

This upgradeable facility is equipped with a Genetec security solution (VMS software). It has been designed to accommodate 200 or more video surveillance cameras in the long term. The municipalities neighbouring Soissons will thus be able to connect to their inter-communal urban supervision centre.  

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