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Aire Lab
de Jugy

Jugy (71), France

APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône) and Eiffage Énergie Systèmes worked together in 2019 to launch a new motorway rest area as a test bed trialling innovations. 

Technological innovations for customers

Designed for customers, the smart devices at the test-bed rest area on the A6 motorway improve safety, service quality and user satisfaction. Driver safety is boosted by a set of sensors that indicates the speed and level of tyre inflation, with pedestrian safety enhanced by crossings that light up at night. The system will detect any vehicles leaving the rest area in the wrong direction and send out an alert to all links in the safety chain because customer safety remains the APRR group’s top priority. Traffic is kept fluid by a parking guidance system, which shows drivers how full parking areas are, with cleanliness optimised by a new waste collection system, innovative ashtrays and cleaning of the sanitary facilities that is as thorough as possible. 

Technological innovations for the environment

These new equipment and service facilities help to deliver energy savings, and raise the protection of standards of natural resources and biodiversity conservation. Water management is optimised by sensors in the sanitary facilities to assess cleanliness, track consumption and report malfunctions, such as leaks. Waste management is made more effective by sensors installed on containers, to avoid any overflows and plan collections, reducing CO2 emissions.