Customers at the core
of our concerns

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes targets 4 major markets :

Clemessy, the brand dedicated to industry, 

Dorsalys, the brand dedicated to infrastructures and networks,

Expercité, the brand dedicated to cities and communities,

Terceo, the brand dedicated to the tertiary sector.

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes also has a wide range of expertise and specialities. The brands support our new strategy.

Our 15 know-how brands

In addition, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes has brands dedicated to know-how or technological niches :

  • Barep involves valve repair experts for electricity, instrumentation and fittings equipment.
  • Clemessy Motors specialises in the preventive maintenance of many types of electromechanical equipment for rotating and static machinery.
  • Clévia combines HVAC, plumbing, industrial heating and specialty & industrial fluid business lines. 
  • Cogelub brings together experts in machine lubrication and greasing.
  • Dynae specialises in vibratory and electrical analysis
  • Hyline is the expert brand in fluid distribution systems as well as decontamination and cleaning in ultra-clean environments.
  • Meci is the expert brand in the custody transfer metering and analysis of liquid and natural gas.
  • Lab Assistance brings together experts in the qualification and preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment
  • Rambure designs and produces turnkey adhesive systems.
  • Secauto involves experts in analysis and instrumentation systems in the industrial field.
  • SEH specialises in the design, production and commissioning of machinery and equipment for the assembly and testing of components for the motor, aircraft and railway industries.
  • SPG is a radiological containment solutions provider, specializing in nuclear and laboratory processes.
  • Synecty is dedicated for mobile networks and connectivity.
  • Tabelec is the expert brand in the design and construction of low-voltage switchboards.
  • Yousense is dedicated to audiovisual integration.
  • Zhendre is specialized in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, more particularly in containerized solutions.