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digital transformation

Alongside innovation and the environmental transition process, digital transformation is now at the heart of Eiffage’s strategic vision. In conjunction with the business lines and offers of the Énergie Systèmes branch, digital technology allows us to offer our customers and our teams more and better solutions. We are continuously developing new digital solutions that allow us to optimise all of our organisation’s processes. We support our customers so that they can take advantage of the opportunities connected to our digital offers to reduce their energy consumption, in particular.

Transformation by and for employees


Digital technology is used by teams on worksites and in warehouses, workshops and offices. We structure our information system through solutions that help simplify and optimise our specific business processes and bring our teams closer. We believe that in order for this transformation process to be successful, the teams must be involved before anyone else. Ownership in the field is one of the keys to success.

This approach served as the foundation of our “Digital Tout Terrain” system. It brings our digital experts and all employees together. We rely on a network of ambassadors and create opportunities for discussions close to those in the field to explain and support the strategy. During these discussions, we also collect feedback from users on the digital solutions deployed to pursue our continuous improvement goals. 



A major lever for our offers

Digital technology is an indisputable accelerator for the transformation of our offers. Thanks to digital technology, we can get closer to the end-user’s uses and the associated services that we now need to offer. More than ever, we are addressing hospital patients, the residents of a city, university students and transport users.
Our digital offers for smart buildings, plants, cities and infrastructure are part of this. “Sensor mat 3.0” of the Jugy motorway rest area, which became “Rest area lab”, is a great example of our know-how in managing connected objects and using the data that they produce. Through this initiative, it is both APRR and its customers that we serve.


Encouraging the initiatives of our employees


Another component of our digital transformation is the digitisation of everyday processes. Task automation, mobile applications, dashboards, improved traceability of site events, and the collection of data on equipment are all needs specific to each team or entity. To provide an agile response, Eiffage has implemented a Digital Factory. Very fast and completely autonomous, this system allows the creation of digital solutions to be decentralised thanks to a platform that does not require any computer-coding skills. The Group has a team of experts who coach those who create new solutions in order to make them autonomous. This approach aims to make digital technology accessible to everyone. Now, only a few hours are needed to digitise a process or develop a mobile application and thereby build tools that address operational challenges as closely as possible.