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A strong commitment to
sustainable mobility
and the environment

The environmental transition process depends on changes to our modes of travel. Thanks to technological progress, less carbon-intensive mobility is possible. The offer of clean public transport is growing, electric cars are in reach of more and more people and cities are adapting. However, to be successful, sustainable mobility must reconcile the reduction in CO2 emissions with the right to mobility for all.

As part of Eiffage’s low carbon strategy, the Énergie Systèmes branch is committed to sustainable mobility. Reducing carbon emissions, developing soft mobility, enhancing the attractiveness of public transport… our solutions support you in a responsible approach to meeting climate challenges. 

Supporting the development of soft mobility

Ecomobilité et smartcharging par Eiffage Énergie Systèmes

Our desire is to reconcile the reduction in carbon emissions with the right to mobility for all. Whether the vehicle is private or public, it has to be carbon-free. The question then arises of its energy supply in a city. 

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is actively involved in this matter as it is in the process of developing a smart-charging model. Capable of charging buses while out on their route, this new electric-bus infrastructure helps operators optimise their costs and charging operations. We deliver turnkey infrastructure, from the depot to the bus stops, from civil engineering to charging masts, and, of course, via the smart-charging point. This solution is in operation on Nantes’ electric bus line, e-busway.



Supporting public mobility

Ecomobilite et mobilite douce par Eiffage Énergie Systèmes

How can we promote public transport in cities today? Fluidity and regularity are imperatives to enable users to replace their private vehicle with the bus or tram. Dynamic bus lanes are therefore an effective and inexpensive solution for local authorities. Thanks to this system, which is still being trialled, public space adapts to flows of traffic. Whenever a bus arrives in a given location, a temporary bus corridor is created using a light-based device. Eiffage Énergie Systèmes has trialled this solution in Lyon.

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is also innovating to address the problem of the last mile between home and work. In 2019, we received authorisation to operate our autonomous MIA shuttle on public roads. Without a driver, synchronized with public transport schedules and coordinated with traffic lights, it offers a practical solution to our Lyon teams. Over its 2.4 km loop - from the T3 tram stop in Meyzieu to ZAC des Gaules - it serves a total of six stops, including our offices.


Rethinking uses

In light of the energy transition process, cities are rethinking the place that they give to cars. One of the key measures is to encourage carpooling by reserving lanes on major roads, at peak times, for cars that carry two or more people. Eiffage Énergie Systèmes makes available to those local authorities that are interested, such as Lyon, suitable solutions to equip roads with signage and devices to detect the number of passengers in cars.

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