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Your international

Our international brands

Thanks to its dense network of branches in nearly 50 countries, Eiffage Energie Systèmes forges close relationships with its customers and meets their needs as efficiently as possible. We have strong, recognised brands that position us as a privileged partner to accompany our customers in all our markets and with all our know-how.

In Europe

  • Bohn, CTM specialist for the industrial and tertiary markets. 

    Elomech, one of the leading German service providers in the field of electrical engineering. 

    Eqos specialises in the fields of energy transmission and distribution, telecommunications, 
    and rail.

    NAT, a service company covering all areas of electrical engineering, active in the industrial market.

    Neugebauer, a recognised player in the fields of high and low voltage electrical engineering.

    Teloplan, specialised in security systems and plans. The company installs and maintains all aspects of building security: fire alarm systems, anti-intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, building management systems, etc.  

    RMT brings together specialists in electrical engineering, MV/LV distribution, mechanics and process automation on the African continent and internationally. RMT has also made the construction of turnkey photovoltaic farms one of its specialities.

    Salvia Group GmbH specializes in electrical, HVAC and energy engineering, as well as maintenance.

    Schwarz & Grantz  specialised in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and fire detection system installation for the tertiary market. 

  • ATI, a company specialised in the field of automation, IT and industrial electricity.

    Through its Industry, Infrastructure and Services divisions, Eiffage Energie Systèmes Belux specializes in the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of electrical, electronic and electromechanical installations.

    Hyline, a company that is an expert in fluid, vapour and gas distribution networks, decontamination and cleaning in ultra-clean environments. 

    Luxys markets illuminated road signage products.

    Pulsar is an expert in ICT solutions.

    Solufak, specialized in audiovisual integration solutions

  • Eiffage Energia Sistemas is specialised in electrical engineering design, realisation and maintenance in the renewable energy, public works and construction sectors. 

    Conscytec, specialised in civil engineering, infrastructure construction and tertiary building erection. 

    EDS is specialised in HV transmission and distribution and telecommunications, from design, construction and commissioning to maintenance. 

    Electromedical is specialized in the maintenance of electromedical equipment.

  • Galli Italo creates turnkey solutions for electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems intended for industrial and tertiary applications. 

    Teseo is an expert in radio frequency, fibre optic and electronic applications. 

  • Kropman brings together multi-technical skills in electrical and mechanical engineering, contamination control and measurement. 

    Safety Service is active in the fire safety market.

    VSK Kastenbouw specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of electrical switchboards.

    Gain Automation is specialised in design, build and maintain industrial automation systems.

    Harwing is an electrical installation company with a specialty in safety and security installations.

    Eltra is specialised in design, build and maintain industrial automation systems.

    Klimatro specializes in HVAC measurement and control technologies.

    Rensen specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of automation systems and control cabinets.

    Van den Pol Elektrotechniek B.V. specializes in security installations, IT networks and industrial automation.

  • JJ Tome manages and maintains electrical and mechanical systems (HVAC and other fluids) in the field of energy. 

  • Y Group designs, produces, installs and maintains heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary systems.

    Ciel is a specialist in electrical engineering.

    GSI produces electrical switchboards.

    HSC specializes in electrical installations and ITTO testing.


Clemessy Marocco provides its skills in engineering and electrical engineering works to industrial sectors such as the energy, automotive and agri-food sectors, etc. 

Crystal is specialised in HVAC engineering and plumbing.