Expertise dedicated
to the world of healthcare

The Covid-19 crisis has shown that hospitals are strategic tertiary facilities that are going through a period of upheaval. Identified in the 2020-2022 Recovery plan and the Ségur health plan, multiple goals exist for these facilities: “transformation, renovation, provision of equipment and catch-up in the area of digital technology in medical and social institutions; investment in healthcare in the regions and the modernisation of digital healthcare tools; and making up for the delay in the interoperability of the IT systems of healthcare providers.” 

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is actively involved in this transformation process by equipping the hospitals of tomorrow. We rely on new technologies to offer increasingly innovative solutions.


Expertise dedicated to the world of healthcare

Discover the expertise dedicated to the world of healthcare

Functionality, patient comfort

patient comfort Healthcare Eiffage

The new generation of hospitals is now designed around the comfort and well-being of the patient as well as medical staff, and the hospitals’ new uses. The image of the hospital in the collective imagination is changing: from the waiting room to the cold walls, the patient is now welcomed with lighting solutions that respect his or her natural biorhythm and even skyceilings (a light ceiling that creates an optical illusion of the sky). There are also information and entertainment solutions, integrated Wi-Fi systems and window-blind controls to facilitate the daily lives of patients and medical staff.

In order to meet these new needs, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes teams have implemented electrical and medical-fluid installations as part of the construction of the new Dunkirk perinatal centre (link to site reference) dedicated to obstetrics, family planning and neonatal medicine.


A “smart” care facility

A “smart” care facility

With the development of new technologies, it is also the entire patient journey that is reconsidered as the patient’s medical records go paperless. With the modernisation of digital tools and by favouring the interoperability of IT systems, a patient’s medical records become transferable in a few minutes: an asset for improving the patient’s follow-up throughout his or her care path.

In order to meet this need, we are developing a hypervisor system for Nantes university hospital. This connected and centralised platform will allow doctors and medical staff to manage infrastructure (electricity, heating, air conditioning) in the building remotely and access patient records. We have designed and implemented the hypervisor system. We also ensure interoperability between security, energy management, and connected equipment systems (biomedical, logistics, IT, etc.) and the systems that control the patient’s environment.



The safety of patients and their data: a priority

Patient safety is crucial in these hospitals of the future. There are many and extremely diverse challenges. They include both the security of buildings and the proper provision of the care offer.


Hospital maintenance

Our teams maintain hospital sites in order to optimise the building’s services and meet energy performance and environmental impact needs.

Whether in France or abroad, our customers can rely on Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ know-how. A major player in this field in Spain, Eiffage Energia Sistemas supports public and private hospitals in the country in the areas of maintenance and, more specifically, electromedicine. Our teams work in particular for the National centre for oncology research and Fuenlabrada university hospital, both located in Madrid.

In Portugal, our subsidiary, JJ Tomé manages the energy projects of many major medical sites, such as the world’s first research centre entirely dedicated to pancreatic cancer, which is under construction in Lisbon.
With these achievements, we support the transformation of the healthcare sector in France and abroad. Our reliability, comfort and security requirements enable us to deploy innovative devices adapted to each situation.