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Tunnel de la Porte
de Hal

Brussels, Belgium

Safety prioritised in the new smart tunnel

The Eiffage group’s teams (Énergie Systèmes and Construction) have inaugurated in Brussels a brand new type of tunnel after two years of refurbishment work. It is the first tunnel to meet such high safety standards and has been totally renovated: the ground surface, ceiling, the side walls, the electrical systems, and the ventilation. Special attention was paid to the anti-fire and tunnel evacuation systems. 
It’s a smart tunnel that can be completely controlled remotely – a first in Europe.

A canvas for artistic expression

Artistic designs have been added to the inner fittings of the tunnel enabling motorists travelling at 50 km/h to take maximum advantage of the display infrastructure and those who are stationary to appreciate their finer details. This is an unprecedented initiative to help alter road users’ behaviour.  The Brussels region has decided to apply this creative approach to other tunnels that also require modernisation.