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Finistère SmartConnect : SDEF’s multi-service digital platform deployed by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes

On 18 February 2020, as leader of a consortium comprising Sensing Vision, Qwant and Dolmen, Eiffage Energie Systèmes launched the connected departmental service Finistère SmartConnect, together with the SDEF (Finistère departmental energy and equipment syndicate). Finistère SmartConnect aims to make Finistère the first connected department in France. This multi-service digital platform has been designed to cover all the towns and communities in the department which are members of the SDEF (excluding Brest Urban Area). It was first tested by the Community of Pays d'Iroise and Ouessant Island municipalities. 

Finistère SmartConnect : SDEF’s multi-service digital platform deployed by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes

The platform deployed by this consortium led by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes for the SDEF is backed by a supervision interface and a catalogue of connected objects, and groups together four “business blocks”: remote public lighting management, waste management, energy supervision and indoor air quality in buildings plus remote drinking water meter reading. It thus allows users to take remote readings and manage leaks in the drinking water network. This avoids the need for operators to read water meters manually and allows them to adopt more detailed management of network issues (leaks and abnormal consumption). It also enables real-time detection of filling levels through the installation of sensors on the voluntary waste collection points (recyclables, glass) with the aim of optimizing collection routes and the service provided by adapting the location of certain waste collection points, in particular. 

“Energy management and air quality in public buildings are two other interrelated areas that allow data to be collected on the consumption of fluids (electricity, water and gas), in order to detect any leaks and to highlight over-consumption of heating, lighting, etc. At the same time, these readings make it possible to check the various parameters involved in indoor air quality (occupancy, sunshine, temperature, humidity, CO2 and other volatile organic compounds) and to trigger the appropriate alerts. By cross-referencing these data, we obtain the profile of the building and its energy saving potential,” said project manager Romain Fourny. 

Finally, there is the remote management of public lighting equipment, which facilitates the detection of faults (corrective maintenance) and refines the analysis of operating times (preventive maintenance). The readings can then be used to orchestrate remote programming of equipment and to reduce the lighting consumption of certain areas. 

Access to the customized supervision portal is reserved for staff in the SDEF's municipalities and communities of municipalities. It enables the data collected by the sensors to be consulted according to the user's business profile and geographical scope. 

It also allows the remote control of connected equipment. 

« In the short term, parking issues will be implemented on the multiservice platform, in order to allow identification of available spaces, and also smart management of the occupancy and rotation rates. In addition, the SDEF wanted to add a collaborative service for citizen communication in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” went on Romain Fourny. 

The multi-service digital platform offered by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is resolutely scalable and cross-functional, adapting to a wide range of needs and guaranteeing data sovereignty for each of our customers. This global toolbox enables medium-sized towns as well as rural areas to benefit from leading-edge secure services, to imagine tomorrow’s uses (more accurate watering management to allow the rationalization of water consumption, for example). Agile, innovative and perfectly in line with technological developments, this customized solution is also aimed at our commercial and industrial customers, who are just as keen to improve their energy efficiency.  

© Gaël Arnaud

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