Dorsalys builds a carpool lane on the outskirts of Annecy, for the Haute Savoie Department

The Department of Haute Savoie (74) has undertaken to double certain road sections and develop HOV (High-Occupancy Vehicle) lanes in order to offset the constant increase in road traffic and saturation of two major traffic routes in the Annecy conurbation. Our Dorsalys experts were asked to install a comprehensive dynamic signalling and detection system in the area concerned, comprising sensors, gantries and other variable message signs 

Dorsalys builds a carpool lane on the outskirts of Annecy, for the Haute Savoie Department

Our employees are implementing dynamic equipment on an HOV carpool lane to the north-west of Annecy, on RD 3508 (between the junctions with RD 1508 and RD 908b). On completion of the work, it will be equipped with two Pryntec control sensors capable of counting the number of passengers in a vehicle and the number of vehicles travelling in each direction in the designated lanes, as well as reading the number plates. 

"Implementing Automatic Incident Detection (AID) on the RD 1508 interchange should also improve safety in this area. The operation is part of the ongoing project to install traffic measurement points and Automatic Traffic Jam Detection (ATD) as well as the dynamic signage linked to these devices on RD 908b and RD 1508", said Développement Transport et Mobilités Director Serge Balmonet 

In addition to handling the equipment power supply, IP network on optical fibre and layout of the specific HOV lane, our specialists are also to carry out civil engineering work (concrete blocks), so as to be able to install dynamic operational signage. By February, they will also have fitted the traffic management system or TMS (+ DAB), as well as video surveillance (+ DAI), before proceeding with facility testing and commissioning 


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