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Dorsalys replaces electricity pylons on a HVB line in the Nantes vineyards, for RTE

RTE has undertaken to replace the black steel pylons on the 225 kV Cheviré-Recouvrance power line, in order to modernize its HV network infrastructure in the Loire-Atlantique department. The structures, dating back to the 1930s, are showing signs of corrosion and require attention. Four of the pylons in the grip of severe corrosion were replaced by our Dorsalys experts in 2023, and 53 others are to be dismantled in 2024. Operations in the Nantes vineyards (outside urban areas) will be carried out using a Super Puma helicopter. 

Dorsalys replaces electricity pylons on a HVB line in the Nantes vineyards, for RTE

The high voltage Cheviré-Recouvrance line connects the substation in Gétigné, a small town in the Nantes vineyards, to the 225 kV Cheviré substation to the west of the Nantes conurbation, passing through densely populated areas as well as the Muscadet vineyards. 

In the vineyard, four black pylons dating from 1930 were replaced by our power line technicians  in 2023. A Super Puma heavy-lift helicopter will be needed in 2024 to replace a further 28 pylons, given the limited space available and omnipresent vines. 

" Replacing a further 25 towers located mainly in densely populated urban areas will require the use of specific operating methods. As we can't deploy helicopters close to residential areas, we'll be using a 300-tonne crane, for example," explained Operations Manager Damien Kandula (HVB Lines department). 

The project began in September 2023 and will continue until November 2024. Our experts have a total of 53 pylons on the Cheviré-Recouvrance HVB line to replace this year. 


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