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Innovation for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Eiffage Energie Systèmes' Clévia teams have designed a prototype plastic air vent deflector for the tunnel's new ventilation system - an innovation combining cost effectiveness and performance!


Innovation for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

In a ventilation system, the deflector is used to direct air flow at the outlet of a fan-accelerator. In a tunnel like the Mont Blanc, this component improves air control performance in the event of smoke extraction and protects the fan from traffic projections. 

Our Clévia teams have produced a ground-breaking prototype plastic deflector for the Mont Blanc tunnel. The equipment is manufactured with a view to finding the best possible aeraulic performance for the future system, which will obviously be made of steel.   

The qualification phase tests on 31 March were conclusive, and have helped to guide the choice of design. The stainless-steel prototype is to be tested in the tunnel in early July, before the 76 fan-accelerators in the 12-kilometre tunnel are replaced.

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