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Ligne à grande vitesse
Bretagne-Pays de la Loire

Bretagne - Pays de la Loire

Teams from Eiffage Énergie Systèmes were responsible for all the electrical equipment and systems for this new rail infrastructure, the largest project ever handled entirely by Eiffage. Speed trials began in November 2016, and the full length of the line was qualified by March 2017, enabling trains to travel at a cruising speed of 320 km/h.

Ligne grande vitesse Bretagne Pays de la Loire

Highlights of the project initiated in the summer of 2011 included the granting of the line’s commercial licence in May 2016 and the handover of the line to SNCF Réseau.

Throughout the project, from the design studies to the works and subsequent integration testing of all rail facilities (including the traction power supply, low-voltage electrical, catenary and signalling systems, telecommunication networks and control rooms), our employees demonstrated their strong skill fit and expertise, enabling the line to enter service on schedule and at the required standard of quality.