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Núñez de Balboa


A huge facility helping to advance the energy transition

Nuñez de Balboa, Europe’s largest photovoltaic power plant, entered service in 2020 on the Portuguese border. It embodies the Eiffage group’s ambitions and is the product of collaboration between the teams of Iberdrola, Spain’s leader in renewable energies, and those of Eiffage Energía, a subsidiary of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes. Its goals are to offer innovative and low-carbon energy services, and to build, maintain and develop generating infrastructure, while unlocking the area’s potential for local renewable energy.

The complete solution provided by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes in a record time of just 12 months can generate 832 GWh in electricity, covering the needs of 250,000 local people and eliminating 215,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions p.a.


A major construction project energising the region

For Eiffage and Iberdrola, unlocking a region’s potential also means doing their utmost to develop the area where a project is located. Of the over 1,500-strong workforce for the construction project, 65% workers were from the Estremadura autonomous community. Construction of the photovoltaic plant also created a large number of direct and indirect jobs, through the boost provided to the local hotel, retail and small businesses.