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Terceo takes part in comprehensive upgrading work on the Grand Nancy Thermal for Greater Nancy Urban Area

Our teams have been at work on the HV/LV and HVAC air handling packages of the Grand Nancy Thermal upgrading and extension contract since the end of 2020. Greater Nancy Urban Area, owner of this aqua-fun and sports complex, has delegated the site’s architectural and technical design, works and operation to the Compagnie Européenne des Bains (European Baths Company) Valvital.  

Terceo takes part in comprehensive upgrading work on the Grand Nancy Thermal for Greater Nancy Urban Area

Our specialists are commissioning two 1,250 kVA transformers (a total of 2.5 MW), three low-voltage master distribution panels and 36 distribution boards to supply the future swimming pool complex. They are also to install 3,000 light fixtures of 50 different kinds. As for our climate control experts, they are in charge of the HVAC and air handling part of the project.  

The labour for the CFO-CFA package is estimated at 20,000 hours all in all, since our electricians must also integrate the fire detection and smoke extraction systems, access control and ticketing management. Access to the pools will be controlled by badge readers capable of reading the QR codes on the wristbands issued at the reception desks by machines.  

To install the lights in the spa area pools, our teams will place incorporation boxes for the underwater lighting and route the watertight ducts through the invert. This work, which is particularly technical and delicate, must meet stringent sealing requirements while respecting the aesthetic alignment of the tile joints. The same technical and aesthetic imponderables can be found in the commissioning of underwater loudspeakers emitting underwater in some of the pools. But the project’s finest electrical challenge remains the installation of architectural lighting, since the Grand Nancy Thermal is a historic building.  

“This project is a real compendium of everything we can think of in terms of tertiary works. The Grand Nancy Thermal must therefore meet the specific standards of a hotel complex, as well as hospital environment standards for the spa areas. We also need to install audio-visual equipment in seminar rooms, as we would  in an office building. And we have to design the power supply for the changing rooms and the different pools, like in a sports complex. All fields of the tertiary sector are involved, including the power supply for two car park levels” said project manager Émilien Dufour, in charge of the HV/LV package. 

Young business manager Émilien Dufour was entrusted with this large-scale project alongside an experienced works supervisor and design engineer. The members of the site’s project unit are used to working together, and have established real synergy by capitalizing on intergenerational complementarity. They form a team well in line with this project, able to bridge the gap between the neoclassical architecture of the existing structure and the contemporary extension with its modern twist.  

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