Clemessy automates the new ManiKHeir nitrile glove factory’s production unit

The Medicom group has undertaken to build a nitrile glove factory called ManiKHeir, via its subsidiary Kolmi-Hopen which specializes in the manufacture of single-use medical devices. Our Clemessy experts are helping to set up the future production unit. 

Clemessy automates the new ManiKHeir nitrile glove factory’s production unit

The ManiKHeir production site is located on 45,000 m² in Bessé-sur-Braye (72). It comprises four production lines, each 1.3 km long, spread over several levels. Our teams, who won the Electricity, Instrumentation and Automation (EIA) package of the contract, are organizing the power supply and automation for the four production lines, management of the manufacturing process from the raw materials, and utility management for the production lines. 

"Our remit includes carrying out the preliminary studies, setting up the virtualized server architecture, developing the PLC program and undertaking the factory acceptance tests (or FAT). We also have to design the cabinets, electrical boxes and pneumatic distribution islands in the workshop, before installing them on site. The facility is partly based on the connection of a fibre optic network and includes commissioning the inverters, capacitor banks, power cables, instrumentation, various networks and paths, and computer bays, as well as production line lighting. Emergency shutdown management, staff training and start-up assistance are also part of the contract," explained business manager Arnaud Bouhours. 

This project for the reindustrialization and relocation of strategic know-how for national sovereignty is financially supported by the State and the Loire Region and won a call for projects under the France Recovery Plan. 1 billion nitrile gloves produced using a "tempering" process that requires the manufacture of ceramic moulds in the shape of hands will leave the Sarthe factory each year as of 2023, thanks to the first 4 production lines 

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