Clemessy develops an ignition test rig for Venture Orbital Systems (VOS)


Clemessy develops an ignition test rig for Venture Orbital Systems (VOS)

Venture Orbital Systems (VOS) supported by the European Space Agency, CNES and Ariane Group is planning to become the leading launch operator for nano-satellites from 1 to 10 kg. This Reims-based start-up, which is developing fast, has entrusted Clemessy with the deployment and configuration of a Syclone monitoring & control system for its rocket engine igniter test rig.

The igniter is a key component of the rocket engine developed by VOS. Its purpose is to ignite the mixture of liquid oxygen and RP-1 (Rocket Propellant 1) for a few seconds, to start the engine. 

"The purpose of the rig is to test the future engine's igniter. To do this, it has to produce a flame for a few seconds, and the monitoring & control system takes charge of driving the rig elements while recording the test data. This data is then compared with the results of the simulations in order to verify them,” said Clemessy sales engineer Maxence Viallet. 

The deployment and configuration of the test rig was carried out in partnership with VOS, with our specialists supporting the start-up by integrating the control system into its rig. They implemented the Syclone Real-Time solution (control software) on the test rig within a week, and created a process interface using DEWESoft hardware. 

The high reliability of this test rig will prevent VOS from losing data and enable them to secure the implementation of their prototype ignition engine. VOS will be able to find the perfect ignition sequence for their Navier rocket engine by adjusting the simulations with the test rig.  

The start-up, currently developing its Zephyr micro-launch vehicle, is planning its first launch in late 2024.  

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