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Elettromeccanica Galli: in Milan, two new buildings for Covivio

In Italy, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes Italian subsidiary is continuing a story that has been going on since 2008 with Covivio. Elettromeccanica Galli is currently carrying out two large-scale projects for the French real estate company. The construction of 2 buildings, expected to be completed by the end of 2024, is focused on optimizing energy consumption. 

Elettromeccanica Galli: in Milan, two new buildings for Covivio

"The Sign" and "Symbiosis". These are the two projects that have been occupying part of the Elettromeccanica Galli teams since last year. The Italian subsidiary is directly involved in the construction of 2 buildings for Covivio 


The Symbiosis project, in which Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is taking part in the south of Milan, aims to transform a historic industrial area into an innovative business district. At the end of 2024, building G+H will house the new Moncler headquarters. This will be another milestone in the profound transformation of this part of the city. 


The Sign, also developed in the south of Milan, stands out for its singular and open architecture. Designed as a business incubator, The Sign welcomes the most innovative companies. At the end of 2024, Building D will house the new headquarters of L'Oréal, in a context of cultural and creative emulation thanks to its proximity to the IULM university. 


Projects of this magnitude strengthen the relationship with this client, as Edoardo Isella, Technical Director for the Italian subsidiary of the Branch, tells us. "The relationship between Elettromeccanica Galli Italo and Beni Stabili (now Covivio) began in 2008, with a major project to renovate the Garibaldi Towers near the Porta Garibaldi train station in Milan. Subsequently, we have completed other important Beni Stabili projects with complete and mutual satisfaction." 


To know: In 2018, Beni Stabili merged with the French company Foncière des Régions, giving birth to Covivio. 


Expertise to benefit trust and energy 


Work around "The Sign" and "Symbiosis" includes sewage, fire hydrant/extinguisher and sprinkler systems. As well as the electrical, special and mechanical systems: 


- electrical substations, MV/LV reception and transformation stations, and generator sets; 

- ordinary and security lighting systems; 

- Electrical systems serving the mechanical HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning); 

- smoke and carbon monoxide detection systems 

- Emergency evacuation sound systems; 

- Photovoltaic systems. 



What is special about these projects? They are based on a design oriented towards the optimization of energy consumption, notably through the use of renewable energy (or similar sources) and advanced technologies. 


For example, the buildings will be heated mainly through a connection to the district heating network and self-generation of electricity via a photovoltaic installation on the roof. At the same time, technologies with higher yields than traditional solutions are favored. For example, the production of heat transfer fluids will be provided by total recovery units, in addition to heat recovery units 


In order to meet the tight deadlines, Elettromeccanica Galli mobilizes more than a hundred people on each project. Elettromeccanica Galli Italo's resources and expertise are a concrete demonstration of the trust it has built up with its customers. 



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