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In Senegal, Dorsalys builds a 225 kV loop and new substations for Senelec

Senegalese public company Senelec (Société Nationale d’Électricité du Sénégal), in charge of producing, transporting and distributing electricity in Senegal, has entrusted our Dorsalys teams with building a 225 kV loop. This major electrical network development project aims to provide the inhabitants of the rural semi-desert Ferlo region, with universal access to electricity. The project began in January 2022 and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024. 

In Senegal, Dorsalys builds a 225 kV loop and new substations for Senelec

In addition to the construction of a 270 km 225 kV loop (with optical fibre), the Ferlo loop project for our customer Senelec includes extending the existing Touba 1 substation and constructing three new 225 kV/30 kV substations : Ndioum-Matam 2 (80 MVA), Linguère (40 MVA) and Touba 2 (80 MVA). 

This is a major turnkey project, from the design and engineering studies through civil engineering, equipment control and assembly to full commissioning of the facilities. 

It is part of the development of Senegal’s Linguère region, which will be fully connected to the Senegalese electricity network once the works are finished.  

"Linguère is the largest town in the Ferlo and has strong potential for agro-economic development. As a result, there is a steady and sustained growth in demand for electricity. This area is currently isolated from the interconnected electricity transmission grid, which results in high operating costs and technical losses," explained Ferlo loop project director Grégory Defrance.  

The arrival of the interconnected transmission network in Linguère should enable the power supply to be secured and its density increased, while guaranteeing the quality of the electricity provided. In addition, the interconnection of Touba substation with the OMVS line¹ (from Ndioum-Matam 2 substation) will increase transit capacity to Dakar. The creation of the new Touba 2 substation will also serve to secure the city's network, in the event of one of the substations becoming unavailable.  

This vast project is also part of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE), which aims to provide universal access to electricity throughout the country. The Senegalese government intends to achieve this ambitious goal by 2025. 

¹OMVS : Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Sénégal  

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