Finistere Smart Connect

Finistère (Brest Métropole out)

Connecting all regions for the benefit of users

The data managed by a local authority is voluminous but diverse in nature. Waste management, urban lighting, car park monitoring, etc. However this data can be used to optimise and reduce consumption, and to measure needs as accurately as possible depending on region. This is part of a drive for sustainable development and a need to control budgets.
This approach also meets the growing numbers of requests from users. New forms of governance are emerging. Residents want to understand, participate, share their information and the issues they face. While ensuring respect for the ownership and confidentiality of this data. 
However, collecting data from a region is a technological challenge. The systems run by the various utility operators do not necessarily communicate with each other. So how is it possible to connect this information and make it interoperable while maintaining its sovereignty?


"This multi-service digital platform offered by Eiffage Energie Systèmes is scalable and interoperable. It guarantees the sovereignty of each customer’s data. Depending on the needs of residents and local authorities, new uses can be developed and exploited."

Yannick Bunel, West Regional Director at Eiffage Énergie Systèmes
Intervention Eiffage Energie Systèmes sur le projet Finistère Smart Connect

Using an innovative approach, Eiffage Energie Systèmes supports regions and brings together those involved. Our expertise allows us to position ourselves as an agile integrator, leading an ecosystem of partners with complementary know-how.
This capacity is illustrated through the Finistère SmartConnect project, conducted jointly with the Finistère Department of Energy and Equipment (SDEF). This multi-service digital platform is designed for the local authorities of Finistère (excluding Brest Métropole) and allows them to collect and return usage data in connection with the living environment of users, travel, the environment and the energy performance of buildings.
To recover and process Eiffage Energy Systems data, a network of collection infrastructures has been created with low-speed radio antennas and connected objects with low power consumption. This data is fed into the digital platform and is then returned to the departments concerned. The latter have precise information, which they can use in order to optimise and improve the living environment and services offered to the inhabitants. Users can also send information.


Finistère SmartConnect is a scalable and interoperable platform. It guarantees the sovereignty of each customer’s data. It is thought of as a global “open source” and non-proprietary toolkit and allows cities, as well as rural regions, to benefit from secure state-of-the-art services to imagine and adapt the uses of tomorrow. 
For this project, Eiffage Energie Systèmes has created a multidisciplinary group made up of Qwant, the French research engine specialising in data storage and processing, Sensing Vision, a Breton start-up specialising in connected objects and network design and supervision and Dolmen, a citizen communication platform.
The first part of the Finisterian project was rolled out in the region of the Community of communes of the country of Iroise and on the island of Ouessant. Energy consumption fell from 15 to 20% in public buildings.